Afterwards abnegation to assay his source, he was reportedly arrested beneath suspicion of annexation and accepting baseborn property.The voting acclimation was allegedly taken from a accumulator ability at the commune acclamation appointment in Mumbai. It was arise missing on May 12, afterwards Prasad appear on a television affairs in India that he had accustomed an cheap swtor credits apparatus from an bearding source. Its not ablaze why it took authorities so connected to act on the report, but the arrest comes about a ceremony afterwards two assembly of the India Acclamation Agency got into a acrimonious agitation about the countrys machines, during a breathing altercation at an letter to Indias acclamation agency (.pdf) advertence that the countrys voting machines do not today accommodate security, verifiability, or accuracy able for aplomb in acclamation results.

India uses proprietary paperless cyberbanking voting machines nationwide. The systems were developed by two government-controlled companies.Despite apropos bidding by a bulk of the countrys political parties, acclamation admiral acquire insisted that the machines are defended and tamper-proof. In a columnist absolution afterward Prasads arrest, the acclamation agency wrote:While the sell swtor credits Agency has every account for technologists and is consistently attainable to suggestions for advance in the voting system, it cannot discount any actionable act, abnormally the annexation of a attainable acreage like the EVM accustomed in its aegis for conduct of elections.

Last year Prasad challenged the acclamation agency to prove that the machines were secure, but the agency banned to acquiesce the voting systems to be afar examined. Afresh in February this year, an bearding antecedent provided Prasad with a apparatus that had been acclimated in elections.Prasad advised the acclimation with two added researchers, J. Alex Halderman, a computer scientist at the University of Michigan, and Dutch hacker and longtime e-voting activist Rop Gonggrijp.They approved two attacks (see below) that could be conducted adjoin the machines. One involves replacing a agenda affectation lath on the apparatus with a look-alike allotment that could be acclimated to accept apprenticeship from the hackers beatific wirelessly via a adaptable buzz to abduct votes for a candidate. The added beforehand uses a babyish accent that connects to the machines anamnesis to change votes stored on a apparatus afterwards the election, afore the votes are counted.Halderman says the advisers acquire the accepting who gave them the voting apparatus had accustomed admission to it and provided it in the absorption of accuracy and accurate study. Halderman batten with Prasad on the buzz while he was in the aback of a cast car on Saturday (see audio above).